Harvest Ridge Preschool thanks you for enrolling your student(s) with us and entrusting us to teach your children. Our tuition policy enables us to budget for our preschool center and activities based on receiving payments on time. Otherwise, it can be difficult to make purchases, pay salaries, support your children, and meet other requirements for Harvest Ridge Preschool. We know, however, that sometimes unexpected things can happen to make paying tuition difficult. If such things were to happen, we encourage you to be open and communicate with us and, in return, we will help you to the best of our ability.

Tuition is due regardless of attendance.

A $95 enrollment fee is due within 7 days of enrolling to secure your child’s spot in the upcoming school year. The number of spots in each class is limited. If your enrollment fee is not received within 7 days, the spot will be given to the next family in line.

There will be NINE monthly tuition payments throughout the school year. Payments are due on the FIRST of each month, starting AUGUST 1ST and ending APRIL 1ST. Each payment covers the month after the payment was made (For example, a payment due on August 1st covers the month of September). It is the policy of Harvest Ridge Preschool to begin paying tuition a month in advance. This helps Harvest Ridge Preschool to purchase necessary supplies for the start of the school year and gives us the opportunity to better help those that may need financial assistance.

Tuition amounts are as follows:
          2 Days a week.           $160/Month.            $720/Half Year             $1,440/Whole Year
          3 Days a week.           $200/Month.            $900/Half Year.            $1,800/Whole Year
          4 Days a week            $250/Month.            $1,125/Half Year         $2,250/Whole Year
          Busy Bees                     $65/Month               $293/Half Year             $585/ Whole Year

We accept payments in the form of cash, personal check, and our online payment system. Our current online payment system is Brightwheel and you must be signed up on Brightwheel in order to make payments online. The online payment system is subject to change as we are always striving for more efficiency for us and our preschool families.

Cash payments MUST be turned in directly to the main office to receive a receipt. Check payments can be placed in the preschool dropbox located inside the church by the main office door. Please DO NOT place cash payments in the preschool drop box. If a cash payment is lost, a receipt is required for proof of payment. Otherwise, the payment and any late fees issued are still required to be paid.

Please DO NOT hand any tuition payments to the teachers or place them in your student’s bookbag/folder. Harvest Ridge Preschool and its teachers are not responsible for payments that are not turned in to the office or placed in the Preschool DropBox. If a payment is lost due to lack of following this policy, the payment and any late fees issued are still required to be paid.

Any late or unpaid payments will result in a $10 fee that is due when the payment is made. Any payments 30 days past due will result in your child not being able to attend class until the payment has been submitted.

Harvest Ridge Preschool offers two discount options for preschool families.
(The prices above DO NOT include either discount)
1) Attender’s Discount – A 20% discount to any family that attends 2 Harvest Ridge Services/Wednesday Night Ministries per month. An Attender Discount form MUST be filled out in order to begin receiving the discount. Any families that sign up for the Attender Discount will be required to sign in on the Attender Discount check-in sheet, located by the main offices, before each service attended to show they are honoring their agreement. Failure to sign in on the check-in sheet may result in temporary or permanent loss of the discount.
2) Half Year/Full Year Discount – A 2% discount automatically given for paying tuition a half year or full year in advance. This must be decided before school begins and cannot change during the year.

If a check has been returned due to non-sufficient funds, the payer is required to pay all NSF fees along with the original amount that was on the check to Harvest Ridge Preschool. If there are repeated instances of returned checks, you may be required to pay cash only for the rest of the school year.

Refunds are only issued for the month that your child is not in attendance. If a child has attended on one or more days within that current month, a refund will not be given.

You may withdraw your student from enrollment and receive a refund on your enrollment fee until July 1st. After July 1st, enrollment fees are non longer refunded, even if you withdraw your student.

Thank you for your cooperation! If you have any questions please message Mrs. Archer directly on the BLOOMZ app or by sending a message to the email below.

Thank you,
Harvest Ridge Preschool