“For My House will be called a house of prayer for all the nations” Isaiah 56:7 
We encourage our members to have an active prayer life of talking honestly with God and making our needs known to Him. We believe that the only way to have fruit from your faith is to abide in Christ (John 15). Corporately, we have several different prayer meeting times for you to join. If you have a specific request, you can submit it by clicking the button above. Find out more about our prayer opportunities below!

Intercessory Prayer

Those who intercede at Harvest Ridge pray that our core values would be lived out in our church. We pray that people would connect with God, use their gifts to serve God's Kingdom, build Christ-like community and that our children would know God at an early age and become a God-honoring Daniel Generation.

Saturdays weekly from 8:30-9:30am 
Ladies Prayer Tuesdays Weekly 7-8pm
Sat- Contact Matt Sante at 
Tues- Contact Carol Stadden at

Building Walk-Thru Prayer

The Building Walk-Thru Prayer team walks through each room of the church praying for the needs of the church and that God would allow His Presence to be experienced in every space where people meet at Harvest Ridge.

Wednesdays weekly at 6pm
Contact Mike Babet at for more information.

Pre-Service Prayer

The Pre-Service prayer teams pray each Sunday morning that God would draw people into Church, that He would allow those who attend services to connect with Him in a powerful and personal way and that God would strengthen those serving each Sunday.

Sundays weekly at 8am
Contact Pastor Jesse Stirnemann at for more information.

Prayer Chain Team

By joining this team, you will receive a text message when an emergency prayer need is submitted. Those who pray ask God to specifically heal and move on behalf of those in need.

Contact Pastor Jesse Stirnemann at if you would like to be on the prayer chain team.