Harvest Ridge Preschool
Attender Discount Information

What is the ‘Attender Discount’? – The ‘Attender Discount’ is an opportunity for tuition discount offered to every family who’s child attends Harvest Ridge Preschool. You do not have to be a church member to receive its benefits.

How much will I save? – The discount offers 20% off of the monthly tuition each month. The savings are significant!

How do I qualify? – To be eligible for the discount your family must attend 2 Harvest Ridge Services/Wednesday Night Ministries a month. Wednesday Night Ministries include children’s groups and games and Sunday offers adult services and children’s church. Children’s church provides for learning and fun geared to their age groups. There is something for everyone to enjoy! Please visit http://harvestridge.net to view the church calendar.

Will I lose my discount if I do not attend several months? – We know sometimes things happen and it’s hard to make it to all events. The minimum requirements are to attend 6 out of the 9 school months to maintain ‘Attender’ Status. If this is not maintained, you will be charged the ‘Non-Attender’ rate.

How do I sign up? – Return the bottom portion of this form to be placed on our Attender Discount list. When you attend a service simply see the Preschool Sign-in location each visit to log your attendance and continue to receive tuition benefits each month.

Yes! I’d like to receive the ‘Attender Discount’ of 20% each month. I understand that I must maintain the 2 times a month visit to Harvest Ridge Church for 6 out of 9 months of the school year to receive this opportunity. If I do not maintain this, I know I will not continue to receive the discount.